Wondering how to calculate solar energy for your home? You are at the right place!

Using our Solar Calculator, you can very easily estimate your solar potential based on your rooftop area and electricity bill.

The Solar Calculator will give you the cost and benefits of going solar, the number of modules and batteries needed, your monthly power generation and monthly savings by taking into account your region, power back up, current electricity consumption and the available area for installing a solar system.

Now, from your own desk, find out how much your solar system would cost and how much you can save!

( Tip : To give you a rough idea, let’s assume you consume about 10 units (kWh) of electricity daily and have installed a 1 kW solar system on your roof. The cost of a 1 kW system in 2015 is approximately INR 1 lakh. The lifetime of a typical solar system is 25 years. So, in simple terms, the system would cost you INR 4,000 per year.)

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