Go Green and Get assured returns with us!

Lack of the right technical expertise holding you back to invest in solar? We are the right partner for you.

S-Rooftop solutions :

kWatt Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (kSPL) offers the best-in-field solar PV rooftop solutions which helps you to invest, go green while getting assured returns

YOU, as an investor, invest in the kSPL solar rooftop PV plant and get monthly income over the contract period (typically 10 to 15 years)

For a 100kW solar PV rooftop system :

Project Cost approx. 75 Lakhs
Debt:Equity Ratio 70:30
Accelerated depreciation 80%
IRR (assuming interest rate 13.5% and tenure of loan 10 years) 18%
DSCR >1.3

S-Rooftop solutions help the environment

For every 100kW (1,40,000 units per year) of solar PV installation on roof, emissions are reduced:

= 126 tons of CO2 every year

= planting 6,000 mature trees

Invest in clean energy and be a part of the solar revolution