The SOLWARE program will provide you with the solid foundation in core SPV system designing standards while developing a broadened mindset and understanding the role of software in Solar PV Industry.

You will be challenged to delve deep into the specific design areas that interests you the most and gain the strategic skills and insights to lead a successful and purposeful future in SPV world.


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PVDS task 1.
Review Customer Expectations
  • Electric Load Assessment
  • System functionality and performance requirements

PVDS task 3.
Assess Project Site
  • Characteristics of appropriate array locations
  • Characteristics of viable roof surface
  • Drilling and trenching equipment capabilities

PVDS task 5.
Configure Electrical Design
  • Inverter Selection criteria
  • String size calculations and layout
PVDS task 2.
Review Project Criteria
  • Authorities having jurisdiction criteria
  • Electric service provider criteria

PVDS task 4.
Configure Mechanical Design
  • Existing and allowable loads
  • Pathways and setbacks

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Software Partners

HelioScope does what both PVsyst and AutoCAD do together, and because it automates so much for you, the amount of time you save is remarkable.

It is a combination of CRM tool, Quoting tool, and Design tool. One can perform a design and simulation of a SPV plant within 15minutes of time and can Email the report to the client.

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