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Q: How many days the training will be scheduled?
A: Solware is a three days program, precisely contains 24 hours of professional training in Solar PV Design and Simulation over Solar PV software tools. Generally, scheduled on Friday, Saturday, & Sunday.Yearly training calendar can be found in the brochure.

Q:What are the pre-requisites for attending the training program?

A:For experienced: Real time design, at least one with 10kWp or above plant capacity for On–Grid type system which has been Installed as per the design in real-time.One finalized report and two references for verification will be required in order to confirm the eligibility discreetly in this section.

For Entry level: Completion certification from our Online basic Solar PV course (ONLINE) with minimum 70% marks.

Q:What does software do in Solar PV plant design?

A:Software tools are purposed to increase the productivity of overall Solar PV plant installation cycle. It has brought an evolution in terms of cost-effectiveness to the EPC Installer as well as the end user.

Q:How to start a career in Solar PV, from design or from Installation?

A:Generally, people have to start the career from Design as it is the first step to execute a Solar PV project. Installation is the second part of the execution which has to strictly confirm with the design.

Q:What will we learn in the training program?

A:Well, we have designed this course in three stages, Basic,Intermediate, and Advanced. In the basic stages we will cover the overview, feature and a walk through over a simple simulation. In the intermediate stage we will cover the more detailed real-life simulation considering all the losses & 3D Monitoring. The advance section will include the analytical part of the software which included things like financial modelling, P50, P90 reports, modelling with self-consumption and hourly data. These all will be performed on PVSYST & HELIOSCOPE software. Apart from this we will also learn few tactics of a mobile application-based design software called STEP ROBOTICS.

Q:What type of handholding does Kwatt | Center for Professional Solar training (KCPST) does provide after training?

A:We believe in quality training and our inclination will be forever towards the quality work and standards followed by our alumni, from our immense experience in training, we’ve realised that in order to maintain the quality work and to sustain profitably in the market one need a few things such as good network, standardised skills, technology & market updates and a collaborative approach. Keeping in mind all of these we have introduced an ALUMNI LOGIN feature, on our portal where ALUMNI can get latest market trends and technology upgradation in order to maintain the competence, we provide a WALL OF ALUMNI (Certified Locator), where all of our past participants can be seen and be analysed that how they’ve created their value out of this quality learning from us, which will serve as a purpose of right direction as well as networking for future collaborations. In addition, to that Alumni have a chance to get featured on our media channel KWATT STUDIO, where they can leverage their brand (Individual or Company), as it has a vast reach.

Q:What is the software to be taught in the workshop?

A:Three tools we focus in this workshop, PVSYST, HELIOSCOPE, & STEP SOLAR.

Q:As commercial licence is costly for the software. Are there any benefits on commercial licencing purchase of the software through Kwatt | Center for Professional Solar training?

A:We have built several partnerships with these software developers over time, with STEP SOLAR we have become their exclusive India partner for training which allow us to provide free licenced software for life time to all of our ALUMNI. Helioscope provides a flexibility over licencing, i.e, one can purchase it for one month as well for one year depending upon the requirement, on either of the purchase our alumni can get an exclusive discount of 10%. With PVSYST we haven’t have any terms yet, but if one have to purchase the licenced software you have to purchase it for one year, costings are available in brochure.

Q:What the past alumni are doing? Did they get jobs or became entrepreneur after course completion?

A:Majorly of our Alumni has started their own Design consultancy firms,and freelancing in the market space. As there are lot of small EPC which generally cannot afford a permanent designer, that’s where the demand for you will come post the course certification. Moreover, in freelancing with valuable credentials like NABCEP you can also tap International market for SPV design opportunities.

Q:Which education background does the course most relevant to?

A:As this is an advance course and requires a certain pre-requisite, if you fulfil these pre-requisites than you’ll be able to understand the course fully, irrespective of your education background, however minimum undergraduate from any stream is must. Pre-requisites are mentioned in Brochure.

Q:What type of certifications are given post course completion?

A:Candidates are encouraged to prepare for NABCEP PVDS exam and post qualifying that they will honoured with NABCEP PVDS certification. However, for those who want a time gap to sit for this exam we provide a complimentary certificate from Kwatt | Center for Professional Solar Training and SINE IIT Bombay.

Q:Are there any International companies, where Kwatt | Center for Professional Solar training, can recommend me for job or business?

A:Yes, we have partners like Sterling & Wilson, Adani Solar, TATA Solar, etc., where we can recommend you for job or business collaboration. In addition, to this we have a participant mix of 8-9% which comes from MENA region, that can be good for International pitch for yourself.

Q:There are too many Solar training Institute nationally (INDIA) &Internationally, why should we prefer ‘Kwatt | Center for Professional Solar training (KCPST)’ over others?

A:Well, there are too many mobile phone manufacturers out there but Apple is still dominating over others, understanding it in analogy, we are India’s first NABCEP (North American Board for Certified Energy Practitioners) provider, which means our training curriculum has been validated by ANSI (American National Standard Institute) which in turn gets its recognition in 97 countries.

We believe in creating value and we constantly analyse our practices to improve our quality of training competitively. We have observed from past experiences that one of the most critical part for an alumnus to sustain in the new Solar PV world is to maintain his/her work quality, build a network, and keeping regular updates on market/technical trends. Keeping in mind all of these key factors we have introduced an ALUMNI ASSOCIATION feature, where Alumni can login and make their profile, where they will be able to access all the free resources such as experts WEBINARS, DISCUSSION FORUM, & E-BOOKS. Recent Alumni will also be able to connect with our past alumni and build their network and direction in order to become successful.

We have also a ‘Certified locator’ webpage over our website, where we will post all of the alumni profiles certified from us and their LinkedIn profile link, from which all the relevant industries or needful visiting that page can contact them for direct business or other opportunities.
In addition, we have also partnered with several software developers from USA, Switzerland and India, in order to deliver us a cutting-edge updated technology in overall Solar PV Design, whether on Electrical or in Mechanical part. We have several hybrid sessions as well, where the CEO’s or Presidents of these software companies will host our participants live on web during the sessions.
- Kwatt | Center for Professional Solar training has been awarded by Skill Council For Green Jobs, as ‘Outstanding Contribution in Sokar Training domain’ nationally at InterSolar Mumbai Expo, 2017.
- Kwatt | Center for Professional Solar Training has been awarded by REI Awards 2018 for being a finalist in the category, ‘RE EXCELLENCE SKILLING’ nationally.

Q:Can I associate with KCPST post training as a trainer or a design associate for your Rooftop EPC business?

A:Yes, you can definitely, depending upon your interest areas. We share frequent opportunities in our ‘Alumni Login’ updates section for the same.

Q:What is SOLWARE | Alumni Association? What features are there?

A:We have observed from past experiences that one of the most critical part for an alumnus to sustain in the new Solar PV world is to maintain his/her work quality, build a network, and regular updates on market/technical trends. Keeping in mind all of these key factors we have introduced an ALUMNI ASSOCIATION, where Alumni can login and make their profile, where they will be able to access all the free resources such as experts WEBINARS, DISCUSSION FORUM, & E-BOOKS. Recent Alumni will also be able to connect with our past alumni and build their network and direction in order to become successful.

Q:How I can verify my certification from KCPST in case of applying for Higher education or Job application?

A:Our ‘Certified locator’ webpage over website, where we will post all the alumni profiles certified from us and their LinkedIn profile link.You can also verify it by Emailing us at by Emailing us from verifiers Email Address.


A:KWATT STUDIO is our Media vertical. We interview pioneers from the Renewable Energy Industry from all around the globe, in wide range from top most Policy makers, to the end users. We screen out most influencing personalities in the field, and interview them to raise their successful ideas and aspirations to the vast mass, in order to provide the right direction to the success seekers inclining to Renewable Energy. With Kwatt Studio we are flexible, we have features like Nominate, where any expert from Renewable Energy or EV who is willing to get interviewed and want to share their precious experience in the field can register themselves and we will schedule an interview with our creative team with the suitable venue. We also have an yearly event on Kwatt Studio motives where top most personalities from all walks of RE domain will take part and share their ideas on one platform.

Q:Can alumni get Interviewed on Kwatt Studio?

A:Possibly! We scrutinise the most competitive and right directional individuals and companies, such that we can confirm the motive of Kwatt Studio, that is to raise a successful approach to vast mass in order to make our viewers more confident toward #Rightwaytorenewables.

Q:How the corporate training can be arranged at our facility to train our internal employees?

A:Our corporate training minimum threshold lies for up to 15 participants. We have a separate page for corporate training where you can request for a quote selecting the number of participants. Click on the below link to ‘GET A QUOTE’.

Q:What is the accommodation and Visa assistance for International candidates?

A:We have a separate ‘Traveling Services’ page under our ‘Program detail’ page, where you can book your accommodation and Apply for Indian VISA through Online portal directly.

Q:What is the payment procedure?

A:The payment can be made online via our course website or at the time you come to the venue, but you will have to pay an extra INR 1000/- for on venue registration to the earlier quoted price. Though it is preferred that you pay the registration charges online as there are limited seats.

Q:What are the charges for course?

A:Registration charges are listed in the Brochure as well as it will reflect if you click to APPLY. The accommodation charges and other necessary details regarding the accommodation are available under the tab ‘Travel services’.

Q:Is there any charge for the workshops/panel discussions/ competitions/speaker sessions etc. at SOLWARE event?

A:No, there are no charges for those if you have registered for SOLWARE course. All events are free.

Q:What are the necessary documents that I am supposed to bring?

A:The documents that you have to carry along are: One copy self-attested of unique identity (Aadhar card in case of Indian Nationals/Passport in case of International Individuals), and one copy of the confirmation Invitation Email from Kwatt | Center for Professional Solar Training.

Q:Do we get any food facilities at training venue?

A:Your fees include, Morning Breakfast, Lunch & evening tea.

Q:Where will I get my accommodation?

A:You will get accommodation with our Hospitality partner OYO Rooms at discounted rates, near under 1 km radium from the training centre.

Q:Will all the team members be given accommodation at the same place?

A:Outstation participants who have registered or paid for accommodation are requested to contact our Hospitality partner OYO rooms representative. Contact details can be seen under the ‘Travel services’ on the website.

Q:What kind of accommodation is provided?

A:We have OYO Rooms as our Hospitality partner so you can browse the details as per your budget and confirm from their website or can contact their representative mentioned under the ‘Travel Services tab’.

Q:What about medical facilities?

A:There is a facility located near our Venue, L.H. Hiranandani Hospital. In case you fall ill, you are advised to report to us at registration desk. We shall make appropriate arrangements for you to be treated at the Hospital. Kwatt | Center for Professional Solar training will not be liable for any monetary engagements in the process.

Q:Is there an ATM around the campus?

A:There are ICICI and Standard Chartered Bank ATMs near the training centre, around 300 metres.

Q:Do the accommodation charges include food facilities too?

A:It depends upon your booking with our Hospitality partner directly.