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kWatt Solutions Private Limited (kSPL) is a company graduated from Society for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (SINE) at the renowned institute, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay.

The company is operational in the Renewable Energy space focusing on energy optimization and technology customization to endow with economic renewable energy solutions by creating and nurturing network of entrepreneurs; and by doing so, kWatt Solutions is working towards economizing renewables.

kWatt Solutions is engaged in providing inimitable products and services to congregate the needs of nation in bridging the electricity deficit. The company provides solutions to electricity supply based on solar photovoltaic (PV) technology.

The initiative is to work towards ‘PV system on demand’ in which the company resolute to provide kilowatt range PV systems anywhere across the country with immediate delivery on demand, with surety of local service to the customer.

From The Chairman's Desk

Dr. Chetan Singh Solanki
Professor,IIT Bombay

"India is not rich in conventional fuels like oil, gas and nuclear. Our dependence on import of these fuels and ever increasing prices makes the electricity unreliable and expensive. There is need to demonstrate and practice alternative electricity solutions which are environment friendly, and, more importantly, cost-effective. With advancement in solar photovoltaic technologies and significant reduction in the prices, solar electricity, even today in many sectors, is an economically viable alternative to grid electricity."

"Due to lack on appropriate and accurate information, many people are not aware about the fact that solar electricity is cheaper for them than the grid electricity. Lets save money by using solar electricity. Lets solarize our future."

Customized Energy

  • Solutions for optimized cost

  • Solutions for optimized reliability

  • Solutions for optimized performance
  • Customized Technology Solutions

  • Energy efficiency for renewable energy

  • User friendly and plug ‘n’ play approach

  • Appropriate component sizing
  • Creating and Nurturing Entrepreneur Network

  • Franchise development

  • Providing training and system design

  • Updating with progress of technology

  • Our Vision

    "kSPL is a technology driven company focusing on energy optimization and
    technology customization to provide economic renewable energy solutions
    by developing and nurturing a network of entrepreneurs."


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